Instagrammable Places in Penang

Instagrammable Places in Penang

If there’s nothing more than an exciting cocktail of eastern cultures than Penang. Penang has long served as the connection between Asia’s extraordinary kingdoms and an important outlet to the markets of Europe and the Middle East. At its heart is a diverse, cosmopolitan George Town, Penang Island’s primary city and an urban center that conveys old-world Asia in spades; think trishaws pedaling past watermarked Chinese shophouses and blue joss smoke perfuming the air. The freshest aspects of present day culture are shown, as well, in an remarkable art scene and free-spirited carnivals, all nourished by an irresistible nearby excitement for Penang’s long history and a kaleidoscope of cultures.

Penang is a beautiful island filled with wonderful people and excellent places to go, to eat, to see and to chill!


From Georgetown to Batu Ferringhi to all those small spots you will have missed. So we have a collection of some places you’ll be able to go and take your OOTD shots or just an Instagrammable shot for your Instagram. Don’s miss out on these amazing places when you take a trip to Penang. They will surely light up your Instagram Feed.


1. Penang Bridge
Of symmetries and dynamic lines, Penang Bridge is the foremost iconic point of interest of Penang and can never go wrong in a photo. It may not be the easiest shot to capture but you’d feel like an architect of god on the off chance that when it is done right.

Penang Bridge

2. Penang Hill
Take a day trip to Penang Hill, another one of Penang’s popular tourist attraction. From foggy mornings to cool evening breeze, Penang Hill is a perfect atmosphere for families and nature lovers alike to appreciate a few of Penang’s flora and fauna. A few pointers for the Instagram pals: take the Penang Hill Railway up the hill to capture a shot of Georgetown down below.

Penang Hill

3. Blue Mansion
Particularly blue with the most detailed finishing touches, the Blue Mansion may be a location not to be missed when in Penang. Built by Chinese merchant Cheong Fatt Tze within the late 1800s, the Blue Mansion has picked up a reputation as a must-stay boutique inn in Penang and has also won grants for its efforts in preservation. What more may you ask for in our hipster, vintage, Insta loving culture than an excellent, blue and ancient building in your Instagram, right?

Blue Mansion, Penang

4. Kerachut Beach, Penang National Park
Penang has continuously been known for World Heritage buildings but did you know they also have a few noteworthy perfect beaches, as well? Kerachut Beach found in Penang National Park is an astounding day-trip rest from active Georgetown but more importantly, the pictures you go domestic with will keep your Instagram active for weeks to come.

Kerachut Beach, Penang National Park

5. Armenian Street
When you think of Penang and photographs now it is likely that the as it were pictures in your mind is the two children on bicycle street wall painting. Made well known by Instagram and social media, the street murals along Armenian Street has got to be the most Instagrammable put in Penang striking opportunities at every corner. Yes, numerous people have done it and it can be comprehensive but typically where your creativity comes in. So, get insane and create your own Kodak moment here.

Armenian Street

6. Monkey Beach, Penang National Park
Another beach found at Penang National Park, Monkey Beach may be a little-secluded beach away from the city for anyone searching for a fast recharge. There’s rainforest trails and of course plenitude of monkeys as the name would demonstrate. A calm beach filled with wildlife and rainforest makes a lovely flawless setting for your next photoshoot – an alternative worth considering.

Monkey Beach, Penang

7. East Indies Mansion
It is clear that Penang is home to numerous boutique inn options including East Indies Mansion. Situated in Little India within the heart of UNESCO’s World Heritage location, East Indies encapsulates a calm and tranquil persona while keeping up its cultural background. Dark wooden entryways combined with terracotta tiles are fixings to a well-loved Insta-pic!

East Indies Mansion

8. Hin Bus Depot
From what used to be a bus terminal, Hin Bus Depot has changed into the hippest and most aesthetic area around Penang with wall paintings specked all over the area as well as art establishments. Wherever there’s art, you know it could be a 100% ensured Insta-worthy area.

Hin Bus Depot

9. Sekeping Victoria
The most recent addition to the Sekeping family, Sekeping Victoria brings a certain rugged however refined industrial insides, mixing inconsistently into Penang’s UNESCO heritage location without much modification. Besides the family retreat, Sekeping Victoria too features a cafe on location extraordinary for your short lived Insta-moments combined with a cup of great coffee and maybe indeed a few pastries for great measure.

Sekeping Victoria, Penang

10. Peranakan Mansion
There’s something naturally wonderful about Peranakan culture and what better way to experience and immerse yourself in this extraordinarily Straits Settlement community than a visit to the Peranakan Mansion in Penang. The multifaceted nature of the building’s subtle elements, colors and preservation make for a curious story to share on your Instagram feed.

East Indies Mansion

Penang may be a small island up north of Malaysia saturated with history and heritage but the most excellent thing about Penang is their effort in preserving their historical buildings and a few would go so distant as to convert it into a modernized and upgraded version. Each corner of Georgetown is lined with colorful Colonial-styled buildings, it is tough to shoot an awful photo there. So, for all eager Instagrammer or anyone searching for a shoot location, it’s time you investigated Penang.

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