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Langkawi Malaysia


Comprising 99 islands, Langkawi lies within the Andaman Sea, off the coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Its main island, Pulau Langkawi, takes its name from the ruddy brown eagle that has to become the image of the island. The archipelago is known for its natural resources. It may be little but it is packed with all sorts of natural wonders — wonderful waterfalls, white beaches, mangrove forests, brackish rivers, limestone cliffs, and diverse natural life. Less than 20% of Langkawi is created, it’s the primary UNESCO Geopark in SE Asia, and there are loads of saving forest and mangroves making it natural and one of a kind.


While Langkawi’s popularity as a vacation and backpacking destination in Malaysia skyrockets, it still remains unheard to most. There still aren’t numerous tourists who grace the island with their presence. If you’re arranging to set foot on Langkawi, here are a few things you might need to know.

When To Go

Weather is continuously a factor when arranging a vacation, but that’s less of a concern in Langkawi. In spite of the fact that it formally includes a dry (Dec-Feb) and rainy (Mar-Nov) season, it has one of the foremost steady climates among all Malaysian islands. The reason for this is often that it’s protected from major winds and storms by the terrain on one side and Sumatra on the other.


Temperatures are reasonably steady – extending between 30-35°C amid the day and 28-29°C at night – making it appropriate for all year-round. Weather is lovely much a non-factor here so you’ll be able to go anytime you need.

How To Get To Langkawi

You’ll get to Langkawi by air or by seaIn case you’re already in Kuala Lumpur and traveling by airat that point, you’ll be departing from either KLIA or LCCT airports, depending on your airlineOn the off chance that by seaat that point your journey starts over arrive and at that pointyou will be taking the Kuala Kedah, Penang or Kuala Perlis Ferry Services to Langkawi.


BY AIR: Less than an hour awayRoughly say 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi and it is reasonable for a roundtrip. You’ll take an LCCT as well. The cost of a roundtrip ticket with a 20 kg baggage allowance would have been around half the cost and saved you precious time and cash.


BY SEA: You’ll be able to take a ferry into Langkawi from Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis or Penang.  A ferry takes off Kuala Perlis for Langkawi each hour or so from 7AM-7PM. The ferry ride is somewhat over an hour long each way.


BY TRAINOn the off chance that you’re starting from Kuala Lumpur, at that pointyou’ll be able to take the new high-speed KTM ETS train from KL Sentral to Arau. It’s approximately a 5-hr prepare ride with admissions beginning at RM76 for adults and RM42 for kids.

How Long To Stay In Langkawi

Langkawi is all around rest and relaxation. It’s almost disconnecting and getting a charge out of life at an islander’s pace. Remaining for a week allows you to investigate the island without feeling hurriedIn the event that you’ve got the time, at that point arrange on spending a week here. On the off chance that not, then around 4 nights should be sufficient.

How Much To Bring

Like most Southeast Asian nations, Malaysia is cheap. Most of your investing in Langkawi will go to lodging, car (or motorbike) rental and foodIn the event that you remain at a reasonable guesthouse, rent a compact car, and eat modestlyat that point you should be fine with a starting budget of around RM200-250 per day.


You will be able to increase your day to day allowance based on the number of activities and amount of shopping you want to do. Entrance expenses to attractions just like the wildlife park and the SkyCab aren’t that high, around RM40 each. Guided outdoor activities like sailing, jungle trekking, and mangrove kayaking are more costly, at slightest RM120 per activity. Sailing tours in specific can be exceptionally expensive. Langkawi is additionally a duty-free harbor so you’ll need to bring additional cash on the off chance that you expected to do a few shopping.

What To Do In Langkawi

1. Beaches

Langkawi has numerous perfect beaches. It’s greatest and most amazing is Pantai Cenang. Its sands aren’t quite as white but they’re just as powder fine. Pantai Cenang is one of the most visitor hubs on the island with a long stretch of hotelsrestaurants, shops, and bars. Isolated by a little cape, next to Pantai Cenang is Pantai Tengah. Other outstanding beaches on the island include Tanjung Rhu and Pantai Pasir Tengkorak.

2. Langkawi Cable Car & SkyBridge


The most excellent place for a bird’s eye view of the island. Perched on Mt. Machincang generally 650 meters above sea level, the SkyCab is a three-station cable car system covering a distance of over 1,700 meters. Observation decks with 360° panoramic vistas of the island are found at both the center and top stations. Hanging at approximately 100 meters above the top of Mt. Machincang, you’ll moreover also take a walk on the SkyBridge which is one of the world’s longest curved suspension bridges at 125 meters. Unquestionably not for the faint of heart.


Adding new attractions to the basic combo pass which costs RM 55 for adults and RM40 for kids will allow you access not just to the SkyCab, but also to SkyRex, SkyDome, and 3D Art Langkawi. The cost to walk on the SkyBridge is RM5 for adults and RM3 for children.

3. Zoos & Aquariums


The island is additionally home to Langkawi Wildlife Park and Underwater World. They are worth a visit in case you’re traveling with children.

4. Waterfalls


There are a couple of waterfalls on the island but Telaga Tujuh is seemingly the most amazingRegularly billed as the island’s most wonderful natural attraction, its name implies Seven Wells Waterfalls which is in reference to its arrangement of seven connected natural pools. Other notable falls in Langkawi are Temurun Waterfall and Durian Perangin Waterfall.

Outdoor Activities In Langkawi

1. Sunset Cruise


Cruises are another well-known activity in Langkawi. Fast becoming a cruising destinationmany accept that Langkawi’s 99 islands are best delighted in by boatSunset Cruises can be effortlessly delighted in with reasonable costs.

2. Sunset Cycling


A fun three- to four-hour biking tour through the paddy fields, river banks, and woodland.

3. Geoforest Mangrove Tour


The most ideal way to take within the magnificence of the Langkawi UNESCO park, and see all the magnificence Langkawi must offer  Private boat tours, as well as shared boat tours, are available for your own delight.


4. Langkawi Island Hopping


Have a fun a day in the sun and have the sea breeze in your hair as you go from island to island on the clear blue waters of Langkawi and have a wonderful view of the beauty of Pulau Langkawi. Definitely a must to do in Langkawi in spite of the fact that there are only 3 islands to be visited.

5. Jet Ski Tour


Island hopping on a boat could seem boring, at that point you ought to attempt it on a jet ski on the open waters of Langkawi with the sun in your face and ocean breeze in your hair appreciate all the wonderful broken islands of Langkawi.

Have Fun!

I’m not a master on Langkawi but I do hope that you simply find this post usefulIn case you have got any recommendations or simply want to share your own experiencesthen please feel free to do so in the comments section below.


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