Renting a Car in Langkawi


Traveling around Langkawi is much more fun when you get the chance to go exploring on your own. At times, personal drivers are there to drive us here and there while other times summoning a taxi works just as well. What about renting a car? Is it protected by insurance?  Do I have to worry about parking? What about navigating? Will I get caught by the local police? Am I of legal driving age?


The holiday worries will surely dampen any excitement that Langkawi has to offer. However, do not worry as there are several frequently asked questions about renting a car while at Langkawi that will surely ease your mind.

Question 1: What are the recognized driving licenses of other countries that can be used in Malaysia?


Answer: Driving licenses from the selected countries that can be used for driving in Malaysia and that are subjected to regulations of the Road Transport Act 1987 can be foundhere.

Question 2: Where can I pick up the rented car? Or will it come to me? Do I have to return it from where I picked it up?


Answer: There are only two selected locations of the car pick up; Kuah Jetty or the Langkawi International Airport (LGK). In both places, the rented car can be picked up at the arrivals waiting area.

As for returning the rented car, you can either return it at the Langkawi International Airport or the Kuah Jetty. However, do take note that you should inform the person in charge of where and when you plan to return the car so that no problems occur.

A penalty of RM 10.00 will apply every hour you are late to return the car.

Question 3: Do I need to use my own insurance for when renting a car in Langkawi? Do I have to pay extra for insurance?



Answer: Car rentals in Langkawi often provide Comprehensive Insurance Coverage. This is all included in the daily rental fee. The insurance coverage includes collision damage waiver, third party coverage, theft protection as well as a maximum liability of RM 3000 for smaller cars and a maximum liability of RM 5000 for vans as well as MPVs.


Collision Damage Waiver – It is a waiver offered by car rental firms removing the responsibility for damage to a hire car whilst you are hiring it (it isn’t insurance because the car hires firms are accepting this risk themselves instead of passing it to you).

Third Party Coverage – The most basic form of car insurance you can have in Malaysia. A third-party cover insurance policy covers claims made against you for bodily injuries or even deaths caused to others (third parties).

Maximum Liability of RM 3000 (smaller cars) or RM 5000 (vans and MPVs) – The insurance policy only covers an amount of RM3,000 and more (smaller cars) or RM 5000 and more (vans and MPVs) if there is a loss or damage made.

Theft Protection – Essentially what this policy does is ensures that you will not be held responsible if at all the car gets stolen by a third party. However, an official police report must be made and the keys and documents of the car returned to the owner.

Question 4: Is it alright to just go and get a car there, rather than to book earlier?


Answer: The key here is to plan and book in advance. This will save you loads of time waiting in line or be looking at a car especially during the school holidays as many think that it is better to on the spot rather than in advance. Here is a short list of problems that you might face if you decide onbooking a car only when you get to Langkawi.

= Left no choice but the horrible ones.

= Pay double for what you could have paid for half the price.

= The endless waiting in ques just to book one car.

= Finding out that there is no proper insurance coverage for you and your loved ones.

= Worst of all getting conned or scammed by the car rentalcompany and ending your holiday on a bad note.

Question 5: What if I have a small baby with me? Do you provide baby seats?


Answer: Every parent’s worst nightmare. Yes, they love their baby so much but the hustle of carrying a baby seat here and there and pretty much everywhere not to mention a stroller and other baby stuff can be more tiring than actually visiting the beautiful sites of Langkawi.

As the ages of time move into more modern dimension even baby seats have been redeveloped into more comfortable yet portable means for parents to be able to move around seamlessly. If at all, you accidentally forgot to bring a baby seat we do provide baby seats (Please state so if needed to in the booking).

Question 6: What about GPS? Will I be able to understand the local language and signages? Or is it possible to rent one? Should I get a local sim card for the duration of my stay?


Answer: Just the same as the baby seat, you can also rent a GPS device from us. As it is rent charges may apply. But why need a device when Google maps is there to help?

It is possible to get a local sim card as well to ensure that you do not lose network while trying to navigate your way around. Service providers such as Digi and Maxis will be able to provide coverage as well as network/data access. If at all you have the confidence and just want to explore this new land of Langkawi then go ahead and book the GPS with your car rental.

Question 7: Where on earth are the petrol stations in Langkawi? Why do I not see any?


Answer: Imagine driving through Langkawi, and watching the waves crash onto the coast and feeling the wind in your hair. And then you realize the damn petrol icon is blinking and panic sinks into you.  Do not fret as I am about to tell you some of the towns in Langkawi that has petrol stations.

Most petrol stations can be found around Kuah town, which is the main town in Langkawi. Here is a list of petrol stations that will help you get around easily with no more fear of running out of petrol. Be sure to get your tank filled up before starting on your Langkawi adventure. As most car rentals will only give you a few kilometers of petrol to start off with.

Heres some vital information that could save your trip from an unforgettable disaster.

Petrol station by Kuah Jetty :  Lot 264, Jalan Kisap, 07000 Kuah, Kedah – Petronas | Jalan Padang Matsirat, 46 A, 07000 Kuah, Kedah – Shell

Petrol station by Langkawi International Airport: 07000 Langkawi, Kedah – Petronas

Question 8: What if I am not used to the car? Do you have just local cars? Or also foreign made ones? What if I only drive manual transmission? Are they economical?


Answer: Some of the brands of cars that can be booked for car rentals includes Perodua, Proton, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi. We offer from economically friendly cars that save fuel and easy to park to vans that cater for 15 passengers. So you can have a small group of friends or a whole family outing together all without busting your budget through the windows.

We have for both Auto Transmission and Manual Transmission. Most of the auto transmission are just cars and the manual ones are the vans. I assure you all our cars are below 3 years of age. So we guarantee that everything is in perfect and mint condition for your adventures in Langkawi.

Question 9: Is Langkawi a safe place? What if the car gets stolen? Will I be in trouble? Is it alright to leave valuables in the car at any given time?


Answer: Langkawi is a rather safe place. However, we all know that greed tends to get the best of people and as foreigners, we are often assumed that we have tons of money to spend on holidays in Asia.

Just to be safe, at all times ensure that you do not have valuables left exposed in the car. Not only you are risking your valuables but also putting the rented car at risk where certain renters will ask you to pay up the sum of the damage.

If at all you think stealing a car in Langkawi is easy as cake, think again. Langkawi has high-security measurements taken especially when leaving the island.

So there you go. Do not be afraid to rent a car now in Langkawi as this has prepared you well.

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