Kilim Mangrove Boat Tours

Kilim Mangrove Boat Tours

A trip to Langkawi is never complete without visiting what I would consider the 2 most important ‘landmarks’ that define the island. One is the majestic and engineering marvel that is the Cable Car, and the other the often best kept secret. The mangrove tour boat rides.

Langkawi is one of the few destinations that has managed to retain their Unesco Heritage site time and time again (bear in mind, it goes through some strict evaluation to get this certification).


Our Kilim boat ride started off around 10 am, departing from the Kilim jetty. The boat was comfortable, equipped with safety vest for everyone on board. The boat man was pretty strict about all on board wearing it at all time. That turned out to be good advice given that some of my friends brought along their kids and getting them to abide instructions from their parents is not usually the easiest task.


Our first stop was the bat cave. The boat guide (Noor) was really pleasant, explaining the origins of the cave, its formation. The kids were thrilled with it. The boat man switched off the engine and the boat slowly glided into the cave. It was pitch dark but we were given flashlights. Once we got into the cave, we switched on the lights. It was magical. The cave just came to live. I am gonna leave the commentary to that, don’t want to spoil it for you guys :)


Next after the bat cave , was the Fish Farm, one of the highlights of the tour. We got off our boats and went on this wooden platform. Here, we experienced a huge range of magical fishes and some really unique species. The kids were offered to hold one of those , and they obliged happily. Don’t forget to bring along your camera. The fishes are worthy enough of any Instagram post.


We spent about 30 mins at the fish farm, then got back to our boat for our next adventure. Next was a stop at the Anak Tikus Island. The guide was again at his amazing best, giving a narration of the history of the fossils . The kids were glued to his story. His English could be better, but it was enough to understand the context of it.

About an hour into our trip, the guide turns to us , and starts passing around food. He tells us to hold on to it and not eat it :) We go into a beautiful valley between mountains and then he shuts off his engine. He tells us to be still and quiet, and extend our hands holding the food.


Out of nowhere, eagles were flying off from islands nearby towards our boat. The boat guide instructs us to throw the food and it was a magnificent sight to see the majestic eagles in display. My biggest disappointment was that my camera battery was low and we could not get photos of the eagles feeding.


To end the trip, we went to a really secluded and clean island , got into our beach wear and spend the next 40 mins swimming at the beach. The beach has some nice small cafés that you can buy drinks and snacks. The tour guide was not rushing us at all and gave us the flexibility spending as much time as we want in each of the places. He made sure he was not rushing us.


The best thing of getting the private boats is it worked out much cheaper and we could tailor it to our requirements.

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This article was written and submitted by Parthiven Shanmugam, one of the many happy customers of MyLangkawi Deals.


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