Driving Around Langkawi

Renting a car is arguably the best way to get around Langkawi. It’s the most convenient way to see everything, from the authentic village life to the breath-taking mountain views. You have the freedom to explore the entire island on your own, and the privacy of traveling with your significant others.

Let’s face it; no one wants to roam aimlessly where every extra mile and every beautiful sight would mean precious dollars slipping away. And Langkawi is filled with scenic views and drives.

Before we get into logistics, is driving around really the best way around Langkawi? First, let’s look at the price differences. A 15 minute ride on a taxi can cost as much as RM18 while a rental of a small to medium car costs just RM70 to RM100 a day. Fuel costs approximately RM2.10 a litre and it would cost approximately RM75 to fill up the car to full tank. You could only justify taking a cab if you were traveling less than a couple of hours a day!

The main roads in Langkawi are very well maintained but keep clear of the side roads, which can be muddy and narrow. It is easy for tourists to navigate around as there is good GPS signal and there is very little traffic as Langkawi has pretty low population density. There is ample parking all around, especially at the site of main attractions like the Langkawi Cable Car and the Langkawi Wildlife Park.

What about hailing a taxi? Bear in mind that taxis aren’t metered in Langkawi. They operate on a fixed rate card that you can pick up at the airport. However, there are extra charges whenever you want to go to remote areas or have the driver wait. And there is a 50% fare increase for taxi hires after midnight.

Most places are easy enough to hail a taxi, like in Pantai Cenang where there is a taxi rank right in front of the Underwater World and another opposite the Pelangi Resort Hotel. Most resorts and attractions have a taxi stand as well and restaurants would also call a taxi for you if you just asked. But in terms of convenience and efficiency, there is nothing better than driving yourself around Langkawi, especially late night where taxis are far less frequent.

Renting a Car
If you prefer to book online and have the car ready and waiting for you, then head over to our Car Rental section. There you can pick your type of vehicle and the amount of days you would require it. You would only need to pay the reservation fee online, which would be 50% of the total rental fee. The balance car rental fee is to be paid upfront at the counter before collecting the car. All you would need to rent and drive the car is a driving license from your respective country.

Safety Driving Tips
A few things you should know before driving around Langkawi:

1. Drive on the left side of the road
2. Always be on the lookout for animals (especially buffaloes) crossing roads
3. Avoid driving late at night as it’s difficult to navigate and streetlamps aren’t very frequent
4. Try to avoid narrow slip roads as it tends to get muddy after the rain


Happy driving!

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